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Power Industry

Power industry as the backbone industry in the national economy is developed continuously in epitaxy, and its industrial quality also promotes continuously. Thermal power technology and equipment level are developed a lot. Energy-saving, environmental protection and high efficiency have become the mainstream technology of the coal-fired power unit.
With production process automation and management modernization, its efficiency, safety production efficiency, resources utilization rate will be improved. Its failure rate, the cost of operation and maintenance and all kinds of energy loss will be reduced. Moreover, the maximization of benefits from all levels will be realized.
IBL Tech. cooperates with the well-known companies and scientific research institutes at home and abroad. It provides the power industry with systematic service on process optimization, equipment replacement, control optimization and management optimization.
Depending on the coal management and blending coal technology, the management level of power industry will be improved. Under the condition of guaranteeing the pollutant discharge, the operating costs of power generation enterprises will be reduced.
Through the optimizing adjustment of the boiler combustion, the boiler operation parameters will be optimized. According to the technologies of air-coal monitoring, furnace temperature monitoring, fly ash monitoring, carbon monoxide and oxygen monitoring, the boiler operation condition will be monitored and evaluated. Through the optimizing control to boiler combustion, boiler combustion will be operated optimally. Also through the Pulverized Fuel adjusting device, the Pulverized Fuel will be controlled accurately. Boiler working in the best combustion zone will be guaranteed. The boiler efficiency will be improved. The pollutant discharge will be reduced, and the boiler working economically and environmentally will be operated.
Through the optimization technology of unit coordinated control, the performance of CCS and AGC will be improved. The unit working automatically and optimization will be fulfilled.
Through comprehensive utilization technique of flue gas waste heat and steam exhaust, the energy consumption, operation cost and pollutant discharge will be reduced.

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