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PetroChemical Industry

Chemical industry is the pillar industry in the national economy. Chemical process has the characteristics of complex production technology, severe condition, strong continuity, and danger material in production. Its core equipment is high temperature, high-pressure reactor, blender, pressure pipes and ducts reaction.
IBL Tech. cooperates with the advanced controlling and process optimization enterprise at home and abroad, and provides the chemical users with systematic services that are practical.
Based on the process simulation for material balance, heat balance, chemical equilibrium, equilibrium calculations in chemical process and the optimization of chemical process, the basis for the system improvement will be provided. Through the prediction of the effect of the operating variable between process operation and the quantity and quality, the process operation parameters will be optimized.
Based on the advanced control and optimization, on-line optimizing of chemical process operation parameters will be fulfilled, and the equipment operation working in the best operating point will be guaranteed. So will be the security and economic efficiency of the chemical production process.
Pyrolyzer applies with the advanced processing controlling technology. The temperature of cracking furnace tube, the total load, and controlling smoothness of the splitting depth will be improved sharply. The outing temperature of average cracking furnace’s tubes and fluctuation range of cracking furnace load will be reduced. The automatic coke on-line of the cracking furnace will be realized. The working life of furnace tube will be lengthened. The working efficiency of burning operation will be improved. Crude unit applies with the advanced processing controlling technology, and the smoothness of the device operation will be improved. The temperature of the heating furnace outlet will be balanced. The temperature deviation of each branch will be reduced, and the thermal efficiency of heating furnace will be increased. The fluctuation of the key quality index of the atmospheric tower and vacuum tower will be lowered, and the pull-out rate and plant capacity will be increased. Catalytic cracking unit applies with the advanced processing controlling technology. The closed-loop control of the product quality will be fulfilled, and the quality fluctuation of the dry-lean gas, liquid gas, light diesel oil, stabilized gasoline and the other products will be reduced. Through the card edge operation, the energy consumption will be reduced, and the theoretical yield of the target products will be increased. The coking unit that applies with the advanced processing controlling technology will be delayed, and the purpose of disturbance of the switching of the coke tower will be relieved.