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Water Treatment Industry

Water is the source of life and is one of the most important indispensable material resources for human survival and development. With the rapid development of modern industry and rising standards of living, a large amount of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage are generated. Direct discharge of sewage not only destroys the natural environment, but also deteriorates the water source quality and it is a threat to human health.
IBL Tech. cooperates with domestic famous industrial sewage company and relying on the advantage of its own process control and optimization system, IBL Tech. optimizes the overall wastewater treatment process.
Through the process optimization design about the sewage treatment unit, IBL Tech. designs the most efficient, lower cost and the minimum energy consumption of sewage treatment unit process to determine the operating mode, parameters and equipment’s basic dimensions for the unit process.
Through the whole process modeling and continuous model updates, IBL Tech. presets operating parameters of the sewage treatment process accurately and provides effective information for running the operation, control and optimization systems.
Through the soft measurement technology, IBL Tech. achieves real-time and accurate measurement about important process parameters for the sewage treatment process.
Through advanced control technology, IBL Tech. controls the operating parameters smoothly when facing the sewage treatment process for the changes, and the characteristics of non-linear multi-variable.
Through optimizing the technology, IBL Tech. achieves stable effluent water quality, improves the sewage treatment capacity and reduces the energy consumption of the sewage treatment process.