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Measuring Meters

IM31 Microphone
IM31 is a low voltage Microphone with high performance. It matches industry-standard 1/2 inch external dimensions. It is suitable for industrial applications with high temperature (up to 120℃)and high humidity (up to 90%). It is also with the characters of low cost, low distortion, wide frequency response, low power and so on. 
Mill Noise Level Measurement System
Mill noise level measurement system is to measure the noise signal and filtering and to extract the mill noise and material level changes related signals. It also filters out extraneous signals.  It will use the signal spectrum processing method to deal with the filtered signals and also process the effective frequency band of the power spectrum and the noise signal simultaneously. The output signal is to inform the coal level. 
Mill Co Monitoring System
Mill Co monitoring system provides early warning of fire for the mill and coal silos. The system is used for on-line continuous monitoring of pulverized coal smoldering or burning Co. Sampling pump is through the large capacity dust sampling probe to sample the atmosphere of the mill or coal silo. Sample gas dried and filtered through pre-processing unit and by using the Co analysis instrument to quick detect Co gas concentration. According to the analysis result, the system provides early fire warning to remote DCS control system, and corresponding control and troubleshooting. Therefore, it is to avoid equipment damage casualties and other safety accidents.   
Air & Powder On-line Monitoring System
Air & Powder On-line Monitoring System is according to AC electrostatic coupling technology. It is based on mechanism design of the electrostatic induction between charged particles and sensor electrodes, and with full cross section of the coil type measuring sensor monitoring. In this way conventional sampling method will be replaced. There is no need to obtain the distribution of the powder fuel and the quality of the particles. This system is also reliable and accurate to measure the primary and secondary air speed, and coal powder’s velocity, fineness and density.       
Boiler Tube Leak Online Monitoring System
Boiler Tube Leak Online Monitoring System can monitor the status of the boiler tube leak, and send out warning leaking signals in the early stage, so that the plant operating personnel can take timely measures to prevent accident and reduce economic losses. The system uses acoustic principle, computer technology and the application of software-based hardware, supplemented by artificial intelligence digital signal processing. The system can monitor the tiny soda leak of ≥1mm diameter of the boiler system for minor leaks. It can monitor for 3 to 30 days in advance than manual monitoring. 
Ash On-line Measurement System
Ash On-line Measurement System uses the world’s latest microwave technology, a combination of microwave attenuation and phase change in the resonance frequency of the microwave, the highest accuracy on the market today and the most advanced measurement techniques. This system is with fast ash sampling frequency, reliable and accurate measurement of unburned carbon in fly ash sampling facilities and ease for users to use. Without any intervention or maintenance operations personnel within the specified time period, it is a very ideal combustion efficiency measurement method.