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Control System

ICS-P System with the advantages of traditional sequential control and process control is with redundant CPU, redundant power supplies, and redundant communication, redundant I / O modules, fiber optic ring network bus, etc. It brings a high reliability for industrial production and the flexibility and openness of the control system. It’s reliable of all kinds of intelligent controller and I / O modules and strategies computing module, communication module, open network architecture, and with the vast majority of domestic and configuration software package.   
System Features
  1. With full redundancy CPU redundancy, power redundancy, redundant communications, I / O redundancy;

  2. With a fiber optic ring network functions, to achieve redundancy in bus functions, and without the use of fiber optic ring network switches, can be connected to a remote station, dramatically reducing the wire and equipment costs;

  3. Supporting for custom function blocks / algorithms / instructions;

  4. Supporting mixed programming language C / JAVA / HTML;

  5. Supporting WebServe server function, using IE to configure the software to monitor the CPU instead of all states;

  6. Supporting I / O hot-swappable modules: Standard I / O control point for a variety of control applications, which can meet the needs of non-stop maintenance and replacement;

  7. Supporting Agreement AB Ethernet / IP, DF1, Profibus-DP, Modbus-TCP, Modbus-RTU multiple protocols;

  8. Supporting GPRS wireless communication, SMS monitoring;

  9. Built-in Ethernet master communication function: CPU without additional communication modules can be connected PC, with good cost advantage;

  10. Online Program Editor: In the equipment operating conditions at any time for program editing, access, simulation, control and parameter settings, etc., without affecting the normal operation of the system.