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Permanent Magnet Drive

Permanent magnet eddy flexible drive technology is a groundbreaking new technology developed in recent years internationally.
According to Lenz's law (Lenz's law): induced current has a direction, i.e., the total magnetic field induced current change in magnetic flux caused by the obstruction of the induced current. Namely: magnetic force (Ampere force) induced current on the subject of moving conductor always resist (or hinder) the movement of the conductor.
When the motor is connected to the conductor plate, the load connected to the permanent disk; when the conductor disk rotation, cutting magnetic field lines generated by the permanent Pan, and then generate eddy currents in the conductor plate, the eddy current generates a magnetic field around the conductor plate, hinder conductor plate movement, forming a magnetic torque, which led to the load movement.
Permanent magnetic drive technology with high efficiency, high reliability, no rigid connection to transmit torque, can be applied in harsh environments, greatly reducing overall system vibration, reduce system maintenance and longer system life and other characteristics. In particular, it does not produce high-order harmonic wave and is with excellent low speed characteristics of the motor which does not cause fever, making it the first choice for fan and pump equipment saving technological transformation, but also the choice of harsh environment under renovation coupling device.

Technical Advantages
1. Energy efficient
2. Safety and environmental protection
3. The tolerance for error, reduce system vibration
4. With overload protection, system reliability
5. The structure is simple, easy to maintain
6. equipment life ≥20 years

 Permanent magnetic vortex flexible gearing -ASD
 Standard coupler -FGC
 Delay / torque limiting coupler -MGD & MGTL
 Standard coupler -MGE