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Special Valves


Cooperated with Special Valve Dept. of Xi’an Aerospace Propulsion Institute and also with many years of valve development process involved in design, production testing technical experience, IBL Tech. is with the production abilities to produce high & low temperature and high pressure, etc. of varieties of diameter valves.
For Electric Power, Petrochemical, Coal Chemical and Aerospace industries, IBL Tech. provides shut-off valves, valves, oxygen valves, solenoid valves, control valves, cryogenic valves, filling escape valves, gas valves, pneumatic valves, jacketed valves, check valves, ball valves, and high temperature and so on. IBL Tech. also provides maintenance services for inlet valves.

1.   The products will be designed according to users’ needs. In accordance with ISO9001 Standards for production and every aspect of rigorous testing ensures that products manufactured are all fine;
2.     Implementation of 2-year commitment to quality, shelf life appear any quality problem free replacement;
3.     Immediately respond to the needs of users, on-site service will be provided with 24 hours.

Power Industry
Boiler Side---- By warm water boiler valve; given row, platoon valve; boiler soot blowing pressure regulator; boiler feedwater regulating valve; boiler air vent
Turbine side - to pump minimum flow recirculation valve; height plus normal critical trap; the main steam, exhaust trap; high and low pressure bypass valve; superheater reheater air vent; high temperature and pressure shut-off valve

PetroChemical Industry
Delivery valve - can be widely used long-distance pipeline oil, gas pipeline construction, while regulating valve and pressure regulating valve can be used in all the media pressure and the need to accurately adjust the flow rate of the industry, two off each cock the former require tight seal of the occasion, including the isolation tank, multi-product manifolds, measurement and calibration loops, petrol station terminals, offshore platforms, precise mixing device airport refueling systems, water hammer pressure relief valve is widely used system pump, large height difference between the pipeline and a variety of frequent start piping system
Hot half ball - can be widely used in thermal industry, petrochemical, metallurgy, coal and chemical requiring transfer high temperature and slag powder medium
Film type valve - dedicated to the development of thin-film media type oxygen valve can be used for large oxygen storage, oxygen supply and oxygen class testing system control
Pinch Valves - Pinch Valves main application is currently developing projects in the utilization of fly ash, the main resistance to the harsh conditions of strong acid, high temperature, high pressure and oxidation of ions, the same valve can be widely used in sewage treatment, power plants and coal handling equipment Fly ash control, mining and chemical fields such as industrial process control
Hyperbaric oxygen valve - currently developed the high-pressure oxygen valve pressure up to 32MPa, the maximum diameter 250mm, widely used in military ground test system, iron and steel metallurgy, electric power, coal and chemical pipelines and oxygen in air separation

Cryogenic manual valve - widely used in cryogenic liquids and gas pipeline control, test system control
One-way valve - cartridge check valves and screw-type check valve can be extended to all applications that require a one-way valve of the occasion, help to optimize the structure, improve product integration