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Core Technology

AICOSYS (artificial intelligence software system) is an integration of data acquisition and handling technology, modelling technology, controlling and optimizing technology.
It has general data communication interface, can proceed redundancy configuration, and apply to the advanced control and optimizing software platform of the complex industrial process control. On one hand, it can reach the seamless connection with existing control system through communication; provide advanced control and optimizing for the existing control system. On the other hand, it can operate independently as operation station, controlling station or optimizing station. Through the using of AICOSYS technology, the efficiency of the production process will be increased. The cost will be decreased. The quality will be improved and the discharge will be reduced. And the continuous, steady and outstanding earing for the company will be realized.
                         Controlling and optimizing technology based on AICOSYS
Data Acquiring™---Data acquisition and handling technology, it is used to acquire actual time of production process, to handle the data, and to provide data basis for modeling, controlling and optimizing.
Modeling™--technology of modeling, it is used in soft-measuring modeling, controlling object modelling and construction optimizing modeling.
Controlling™---controlling technology, it is used to implement advanced controlling for production process, and to guarantee the production process work automatically, safely, and stably.
Optimizing™——optimizing technology, it optimizes controller parameters of the production process and working status of the production process, and either it can guarantee the controlling performance of the production process, or it can fulfil the economic performance of the production process.