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Core Products

The grinding system whose core equipment is ball mill widely used in electricity, cement, metallurgy and mine and other industries. IBL Tech. is based on the autonomous core technology. It combines with the working characteristics of grinding process of the ball bill and provides grinding system on electricity, cement, metallurgy and mine with whole optimizing solution.
Combing with the grinding material and flow theory, adopting with the fusion technology of the multi-sensors, measuring of the noise ball, and data of vibration and current ripple, the measurement for the body material in the ball mill cylinder to the different industries and crafts is fulfilled. The NLM series products are formed. 
Combing with the working characteristic of grinding systems, based on the quantity state measuring of material in ball mill, material flow and circulating load, the advanced controlling and optimizing software in allusion to the characteristics of hysteresis of grinding process, time-varying and coupling are developed. The MOCS series product for optimizing controlling of grinding process in electricity, cement and metallurgy and mine are formed. The grinding process working energy conservation, automatically, safely, and economic operation will be fulfilled. Based on this entry point, in terms of product extension, the advanced controlling and optimizing technology solutions will be provided.