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Company Profiles

Global industrialization has brought tremendous changes to our life. Meanwhile, it also has brought many other problems, like security threats, energy consumption and environmental pollution problems.
Optimization of production process as a way to  improve the production process stability, make production efficient, increase  products quality, reduce the energy consumption, cut down pollutant emissions, and enhance the management level, has been paid more and more attention and favored by global manufacturing enterprises. By consolidating process, equipment, control, management, and system upgrading production level and so on, the optimization of production process will be achieved.
IBL Technology Inc. (IBL Tech.) establishes the principles of safety, environmental protection, and energy saving. Based on independent innovation, and continuously to achieve technological breakthroughs, continuous product extension, IBL Tech.’s services are involved in petrochemical, power, cement, mining and metallurgy etc. The services have been gradually expanded and extended. IBL Tech. has been working with many excellent domestic and foreign enterprises to focus on users’ needs, and provide solutions to optimize the process, also providing the full realization of improving efficiency, saving energy, improving quality, creating value for the company mission, and then taking the industrial enterprise to the green production services, being responsible to social responsibility.
IBL Tech. is relying on its expertise advantage and experiences, providing its clients with safety in production, reduction on energy consumption and pollutant emission. IBL Tech. provides the overall optimization of service excellence, high quality products and personalized solutions, to help more enterprises to realize the value of good growth and development, and also help industrial enterprises to achieve the green production.
Along with the deepening of intensive sustainable development trend, IBL Tech. is working with China’s outstanding enterprises continuously, to help then to save the costs, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and to make the contribution for the national construction resources conservation and environment friendly society.
IBL Tech. is recognized as the national high-tech enterprise and the national double soft certification enterprise, and also is with the ISO9001 international quality certificate, and the import and export trade qualification.