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APC (Advanced Process Control) is the controlling to the single loop that is different to the conventional loop, and a general term for the controlling strategy that has a better controlling effect compared to the conventional PID control. The modern complex industrial production process, through implementing the advanced control, can sharply improve the handling of industrial production process and the stabilization of controlling, can improve dynamic property on industrial production process, can decrease the range of run fluctuation of the key variables, and make it close to optimizing target value. Accordingly, it makes the industrial production process operating close to restraint system boundary. At last, it will fulfil the purpose on strengthen the stability and security of industrial production process, guarantee the homogeneity of product quality, improve the recovery the target product, increase the handling capacity of the production equipment, decrease the cost of production process working and reduce the environment pollution.
The Distributed Control System of the production process, unless it equipped with advanced controlling and optimized software, gives full play to function of DCS calculating and controlling. Therefore, using the advanced controlling to transform the traditional industrial production process has been one of the most important measurements for the modern enterprise to improve the economic performance.
Controlling technology Investment earnings
DCS 70% 15%
Advanced control  20% 45%
Optimizing on line 10% 40%
Total 100% 100%
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